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Fox Development offers web design services to small businesses and independent artists throughout the Tampa Florida area and the United States.  Fox Development specializes in developing custom e-commerce enabled web sites that allow small business owners and indepenent artists to easily bring their products to the world through a clean, professional website.  We have over 10 years of experience in software development including web design and web application development.  All of our web sites utilize the latest Microsoft technology to provide our customers with the greatest possible reliability and highest degree of functionality possible on a website.

Why Us?

There are plenty of Web Design companies in Florida and even more throughout the United States.  Why choose Fox Development for your web design needs?  Fox Development knows the technology we work with inside and out.  Unlike many design companies out there, Fox Development staffs actual programmers not just artists who know how to make web pages.  We also understand business, especially small business, as we are a small business.  Fox Development has experience and a working background in both financial and cost accounting as well as professional writing, both technical and editorial.  

Fox Development also wants you to succeed.  Our business is built on the relationships that we build with our customers.  We go the extra mile for our customers every time and work with you even after your website is complete.  We understand that budgets are tight and we never give a customer less just because they cannot afford the best.  You can expect a professionally designed, feature rich website no matter what your budget is. 

Company History and Philosophy

Fox Development was incorporated in 2001 by Tom Fox and Gemma Gonzales.  The company was started with the idea that it's purpose would be the development of potential, not just for our customers but for us as well.  Tom and Gemma's skill sets and backgrounds are entirely different, Gemma is an artist, Tom is a programmer and business consultant (The artistic side of Fox Development is GemFOX the website for which is http://www.gemfox.com).  What the two have in common is a desire to maximize the potential of their talents and to share those talents with others through commerce and through education.

Fox Develpoment is a foundation for the future.  The goal of the company is to build relationships with our customers and to share with them the things that we know and to learn new things from those relationships.  It is our hope that the company will some day foster a school to offer young people a chance to explore their talents and to understand how those talents can provide them and the people around them with value and fulfillment.

We believe that there is nothing more unfortunate than wasted potential.  Human beings and organizations both have tremendous amounts of untapped potential, we strive to identify and grow that potential as much as possible.  We believe in the value of relationships and try our best to create mutual benefit from all of our interactions with our customers.  We want to be as important to you as you are to us!

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Web Design: Tampa

Look no further for your web designer.  Fox Development provides COMPLETE web design and web development services.  Everything from design and construction all the way to search engine marketing and regular maintenance.  Fox Development provides web design services to small businesses and independant entreprenuers throughout the Tampa bay area.  For more information about our web design services click here.