About Fox Development

Expect Something Different

Fox Development has been offering web design, custom programming and software consulting in Tampa Florida since 1999.  We have over 15 years of experience in web design and business technology consulting as well as a great deal of experience in search engine marketing and optimization.  You can expect Fox Development to be a little different from what you are used to.  We are a very small company with a different outlook on relationships and service.  We're funny, we're good natured and extremely fair to our customers.  We believe that web design is a small piece of a much larger picture of your company, we work to understand your business and offer all of our knowledge in evey field we work in to help your company prosper. 

It isn't All About Money

Fox Development is a business just like yours, we sell our services to make money, but it isn't all about the money.  We believe very strongly in small business and the independent spirit of entrepreneurship that makes small business owners unique.  We want to build our business one customer at a time through strong and long lasting relationships.  It is our hope that the job we do for you can help make your company what you want it to be and that in the end, we will have earned your thanks.  We don't know about you, but we are tired of the stale, cold nature of business in the 21st century.  We're people and our customers are people and we think that we should work together as people not as two companies engaged as pseudo adversaries, as is all to often the case in a service provider/customer relationship.  Give us a try and we think that after our first meeting you will know right away if Fox Development is for you.

One At A Time

Fox Development develops precisely 1 website at a time.  We do not and will not take on any new projects while we are working on another one.  Working with our customers while a site is still being built is demanding and requires 100% of our attention.  We understand that there are some projects that cannot wait and if we cannot help you right away we will help you find someone who can help you!

Your Attention Please

Getting your project on the road to success is very important to us.  We like to schedule interviews when you have the time to give us a few moments of your undivided attention.  Sometimes we can make miles of head way over a lunch outside of your office and when we need to talk to you that lunch will be on us! 


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