Networking Solutions

Moving Your Business To The Cloud

We have been speaking with many customers about the savings that they can realize by moving their computer network to the cloud.  What is the cloud?  How can it benefit you?  Of course "the cloud" has become yet another one of those intimidating buzzwords but its actually not all that complicated.  Imagine the server that you save all of your files to in the office (the one that breaks down, locks up and cost you a ton of money... that one), the cloud is just like that server except it is located on a network that is far more powerful, more reliable and more secure than anything you could ever afford to establish at your office.  Moving your office server to the cloud means never having to upgrade again and having access to your business data no matter where you are!  We have helped many customers take advantage of this exciting new technology and as an authorized Rackspace partner we can provide you with an affordable solution using the industry's most reliable hosting company!  

Small Business Networking in Tampa Florida

Any office with more than one computer has a need at least for the most basic of networking services.  Fox Development offers a wide range of networking services to our small business customers in the Tampa Florida area.  The reality of any business situation is that network security is very important.  Just as you lock the office door at night, it is equally and perhaps more important to secure your network from outside parties who want to steal your data and your customer's data.  Network security is a complicated issue and isn't for the faint of heart especially when YOU need to access your network from outside the office.  Allowing the right people to access your data and at the same time keeping the wrong people out can be tough.  Most off the shelf networking products include this evil little devil of a feature called "UPnP".  This technology is very common on almost any router or firewall you buy off the shelf at your local computer store.  UPnP makes it very easy for your firewall to leave very large holes in your network through which anyone with the skills and the desire can easily enter.  Yet, all is not lost.  Fox Development offers all of the services your small business needs to keep your network protected and delivering the service that you need.