IT Services

IT Services

Fox Development offers a complete array of IT services to our customers in the Tampa Bay area.  Our many years of experience in the IT industry allows us to provide you with the best possible advice for solving your technology problems, or making finding better ways for technology to work for your company.  We have worked with nearly every brand of equipment you can think of and know the ins and outs of most all of it, including what is actually good and what is just extremely well advertised.

Here is a quick list of the IT services that we can provide for your company:

  • Network Configuration
  • Server and web hosting
  • Cloud computing
  • Network Repair
  • Wireless Networking
  • Software Upgrades
  • Virus Removal
  • Network Security

Consulting Is Not Sales

Fox Development serves its customers as a true consultant, we do not nor will we ever sell any IT equipment.  Fox Development will provide sound and speciffic advice and assist your company in selecting the best equipment and services but we believe that it would be dishonest of us to sell these items to you.  You will always get a legitimate, unbiased opinion from our IT consulting services.