1-Of eCommerce System

eCommerce for Artists

Artists are an underserved group when it comes to effective eCommerce solutions like shopping cart software. Many artists produce items that are unique or difficult to reproduce, your average shopping cart was not made for this type of eCommerce. Some shopping carts include inventory control features that allow the artist to specify available quantities and things like that but these features are usually only available on more expensive cart packages and may or may not include features like image galleries, shipping calculators and things like that. A quick search on google for "eCommerce for artists" will reveal that there are a few hosts that offer some solutions, with a hefty start up price landing at right around $1,500.00 for the basics with a monthly fee of $59.95! As you may know Fox Development also has an entire side of our company devoted to art, glass art to be speciffic so we know that an artists budget, especially for web stuff can be a little limited and you may not have $1,500.00 just laying around and $59.95 a month to add on top of it all!

The idea behind our solution is that artists cannot always cope with reproduction of their items, some items are simply unique, while some items that the artist sells are not unique and can be reproduced easily, you may even sell tools and accessories that you buy from another vendor and don't even want to keep track of. The 1-Of system was designed to allow an artist to sell all of these types of items. We break items down into three main categories:

    • Unique Items: These items are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. The system will not allow any shopper to put more than 1 in their cart and when that shopper checks out, subsequent shoppers, even those shopping at the exact same time, will not be able to purchase this item. This saves your customers from the heat break of finding out that they cannot get what they want, and saves you any fees that may be associated with refunds or having to tell the customer that they cannot have what they ordered.
    • Iventoried Items: These items have a finite supply. When a shopper tried to check out and there is not enough to fill their order, they will be notified and not allowed to over order. An example may be something like cast silver items, you may have made 20 that are exactly the same, but once those 20 are gone making more could take time or be impossible.
    • Non-Inventoried Items: These items are (or at least from your perspective) available in unlimited supply. If you sell things like wrapping paper or gift bags or anything that you want your customers to buy in as large a quantity as they want, then you can specify an item as being non-inventoried.

Our eCommerce system, "1-Of" is deisgned to meet an artists eCommerce needs AND an artist's budget!

eCommerce Features

Every cart has its feature list, some are bigger than others, some of it useful, some of it very interesting fluff. Our cart is designed to deliver you with what you need to sell your product's effectively on-line and manage the orders that you receive and nothing more. Here is a quick run down of the features offered by the 1-Of system.

    • Unlimited number of products
    • Multi-level categories
    • Real time inventory
    • Support for unique, inventoried and non-inventoried items
    • Paypal integration including express checkout and web payments pro!
    • Support for off-line payments (such as check or money order)
    • Real time UPS or USPS shipping rates (others can be integrated but extra fees will apply)
    • Image galleries for each product (unlimited number of images)
    • Customer profiles
    • Wish List with reports for you to see which products your customers want the most
    • Sales reports
    • Package tracking
    • Private stores
    • Past products (even when sold your customers can still see all the things you have created in the past including the galleries)
    • Product requests (past products include a "request" feature that allows a shopper to send a request or inquiry to you about a re-production)

Private Stores

Our private store feature allows you to make special order items for your customers who have requested something, or you can pro-actively stock a customer's private store with things that you think that customer will like. A private store isolates the products you select from the general public so that only a particular user can see the products. The user can opt to buy those products or release the product from their private store back into the general store where others can see and buy the product. No other shopping cart gives you this capability!


No one beats our pricing... period. We don't feel the need to gouge our customers or make piles of cash off your work. Just like you, to us programming is our art we do it because we enjoy it and we sell it for our benefit but also for the benefit of our customers. Our pricing policy is very simply and we feel very fair.

For customer who host their website on our server

One-time fee: $850.00

Monthly Fee: $30.00

For customers who host with someone else

One-time fee: $2,000.00

The one time fee covers creating a custom look for your site, like graphics and buttons but also setting up your domain and payment information plus some customization of the controls that allow you to control your store. For customers who host with us, this fee also covers setting up your email accounts. For customers who do not host the 1-Of system on our servers the price is higher because working to get the system working with other providers is always a trial, hosts hate installing new software and make it very difficult for programmers almost all the time. We would consider discounting this price if your host agrees to make certain technological aspects much easier than they usually are. Yet, there really isn't any reason not to host with us :)

More Information

If you want more information about our eCommerce for artist solutions or about other things that Fox Development can do for you, send us an email or give us a call any time!

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