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The web can help any business to receive payment for products and services more quickly.  There are numerous merchant services and credit card gateway service providers on the web, so many that it boggles the mind, some good some not so good, some just plain bad.  Fox Development recommends avoiding the faces in the crowd and going directly to the name that just about any Internet user will recognize, Paypal. 

Paypal website payments

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Did you know that you can accept credit card payments through paypal and for a monthly fee ranging from FREE to only $25.00/month?  Paypal offers a number of business grade solutions to companies of all sizes to provide your customers with secure, reliable, on-line payment options.  Paypal offers three different types of services.  Their standard services which anyone who has ever shopped on eBay knows all about, requires that both the person receiving the money and the person sending the money have a paypal account that is linked to a credit card or bank account.  This may work for some businesses but it really has not gained that much acceptance with many companies as a way to pay their invoices.  However, Paypal also offers two solutions for business that allow your customers to pay with a credit card even if they do not have a paypal account.

Option 1: Website payments standard

The Paypal website payments standard option allows you to send an email invoice or place a link on your site that will send your customers to paypal where they enter their credit card information.  The money is then transferred to your paypal account or to your bank account.  This option is a free service offered by Paypal to businesses.  We normally do not recommend this option as it is somewhat unprofessional in our opinion, customers are more accustomed to more of a "buy here, pay here" situation when it comes to making payments on their account, or purchasing products from an established business.  However, for companies engaging in light eCommerce or with a small body of customers, this option can be perfect.

Option 2: Website payments pro

Paypal website payments pro is the perfect solution for any business that needs to or wants to accept credit card payments on-line.  Paypal website payments pro is a fully featured credit card payment gateway complete with a virtual terminal for taking payments over the phone or in person.  All payment information is collected on your website and transmitted behind the scenes to paypal for authorization and processing.  There is no need to batch process at the end of the day or anything like that, all transactions are processed in real time via a secure connection to the paypal payment center.  Your customer never leaves your website, the entire process is completely seamless and in every way on par with merchant services offered by any other firm in the business.  Paypal website payments pro offers great per transaction rates and a small monthly access fee of $25.00 which is pretty much the industry standard fee. 

The virtual terminal offered with the Paypal website payments pro option is fantastic for absolutely any business.  It completely eliminates the need to swipe a credit card or buy/lease a credit card processing terminal.  To use the virtual terminal one simply opens the paypal webpage and enters the customers credit card information and then submits it for processing just like any other credit card terminal.  The advantage to the virtual terminal is that it can be used by many employees in your company at the same time and does not require that each sales person carry a credit card terminal with them everywhere they go.  This feature combined with a web enabled mobile phone is the perfect tool for field sales people. 

Getting started with Paypal Website Payments Pro or Standard

The first thing you should do if you are interested in the payment solutions offered by Paypal is to go and read a little bit about them, or give us a call and we will assist you in locating the information that you need.  If your business already has a Paypal account then you are halfway there already!  The links below lead to information on the Paypal website payment solutions discussed on this page.  Check them out!

These links will lead you to the Paypal website.

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