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Cloud Servers

In this day and age there are few offices that do not need or already have a server.  Keeping a server on-site poses a number of challenges:

  • Cost: Server hardware is expensive to own and delivers no tax benefits.
    • Keeping hardware up to date year after year continues to add to the cost
  • Data Integrity: Ever have hard drive go bad with no backup?
    • External backup hardware costs money
    • Some level of know how is required to set up, maintain and secure your external storage
    • External backup hardware at your office doesn't help if you suffer theft, floods, fires or other disasters
  • IT Know how is a must:  A server solution requires expert knowledge to configure and maintain
  • Office Bottlenecks: When your business needs to grow you are looking at downtime, upgrade costs and a general hassle

Cloud Servers solve every one of these problems not to mention you could be up in running 1 hour from NOW!  Your cloud server is constantly backed up allowing you to recover from a disaster in a matter of minutes in nearly all cases.  A cloud server can grow with your company adding memory, disk space and features with a few clicks of a mouse.  We set-up, configure and maintain your server for you, performing necessary maintenance on a regular basis to keep you running smooth and your employees working!