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Hosted Email

We offer two different levels of email hosting depending on our customer's needs.  All of our hosted email products are delivered by our hosting partner  Email is a vital service in today's business world.  We understand how important email is and we also understand how email is the most common point of entry for viruses into your network!  All of our hosted email solutions offer premium spam protection and virus scanning with full support for black and white listing that you have complete control over.  

Control Your Data!

You need a branded and complete email solution that you have complete control over.  Many businesses allow employees to communicate with customers using gmail, hotmail or any of the other free email services out in the world only to find out later when that employee leaves the company that vital contact information or mission critical communications went out the door with that employee!  Our hosted email solution give you ownership of your inboxes, contact information and access to any communication related to your business.

Stay Out of The Spam Box

Almost every email service provider now includes some pretty strict spam policies that can cause a lot of legitimate communications from your company to end up in your customer's spam folder.  With the fear of infection and identity theft running as high as it is in the consciousness of internet users, most things that go to the spam folder are simply deleted or at the very least ignored until the spam folder finally fills up.  We can keep you out of your customer's spam bin and put your important communications where they need to be, front and center in the inbox.