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These rates are supplied to give you a basic estimate and a good idea of how we bill for the web design packages and services that we offer.  Please keep in mind that the most important thing to us is that YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!  We are extremely flexible and willing to do work in trade as well as take payment in precious metals.  We believe in America, we believe in American business and it is our number one goal to empower every single one of our customers.  If what you see here does not look like something that you can afford then please give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!

Web Design Packages

Essential Web Presence | Storefront | Portal Package
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Essential Web Presence

The Essential Web Presence Package provides you with a basic website that is designed to represent your company on the web and provide customers with information about your products and services.  The Essential Web Presence Package includes:

  • Search Engine Optimized Custom Site Design
  • Up to 5 Custom Graphics
  • Home Page Plus 4 Additional Pages
  • Contact Form (allows users to send email from the website)
  • Domain Registration or Transfer

Price: $400.00

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Service Rates And Fees

Web Design, Database Programming Projects

Frequently customers require services that are outside the scope of the packages that we offer.  We have both hourly billing as well as project based billing options available.  In most all cases the project rate is provided to our customers.  Our project based pricing is a discounted rate that varies depending upon the size and duration of the project.  For small projects that require 5 hours or less to complete we bill at the following hourly rates for web design services:

Service Rate
HTML Coding (web page layouts, simple web page content) $125.00 / hour
Graphics (logos, photo editing, banners) $60.00 / hour
ASP.NET (Server side coding common on e-commerce sites)   $125.00 / hour
SQL Database Programming (custom reports, queries, datamining) $125.00 / hour 
Windows Desktop Application Programming $125.00 / hour 
 On Site Photography/Videography $150.00 / hour
 Video Editing $60.00 / hour

Software Development

Software development rates are quoted on a per project basis.  In general most software development projects run for a minimum of 30 days.  We often handle software development projects on a retained basis in which the client is billed a flat monthly rate for the duration of the project.