Support Services

Support For Our Web Design Customers

Fox Development supports each and every web site and web application that we design.  We offer free bug fixes for any project that we design for a full year after the web site has been completed.  Day to day support for our customers is available in a number of different ways.

Help Desk

Help Desk support or phone support is offered to our customers who require assistance using their web application or website.  We offer help desk support on both a case by case basis as well as under the terms of a support and maintenance agreement.

Site Repair

If your website was damaged by a virus, malicious act or simply a mistake Fox Development offers repair services to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  We retain copies of each site we create for five years and indefinately for all of our customers with a support and maintenance contract.  In most cases we can restore a website back to a working state in a matter of hours, if a database is damaged and requires recovery we will first re-establish a presence page informing customers that maintenance is in progress so they do not encounter a blank screen or an error message when they visit your site.

Website repair may also be necessary to accomodate technological changes with the Internet or other common software used by customers who browse the web. 

Bug Fixes

A bug is any error in a website or web application that causes it to function improperly that was overlooked by testing and evaluation of the website before it was released to the customer.  Fox Development offers a 1 year bug fix policy on any website or web application that we design.  We vigoursly test all of our sites before they are released to the customer and require that the customer test the site as well before it goes live in order to eliminate any possible bugs.  If a bug does surface even after all this testing we will fix it for free. 

Fox Development cannot be responsible for everything that takes place on the Internet.  As technology changes it is possible that an application can be broken when your ISP upgrades their web server.  If an application begins to malfunction as the result of external factors, we will repair the website but such a repair will be billed at our normal rates.