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Website Design

Web Design

Fox Development offers web design for small business and independent artists in Tampa Florida and around the country.  We have over fifteen years of experience in web design!  Our web design specialty is the development of e-commerce website for small business and independent artists.  Our approach to web design is complete customization.  Every business is different and so every website must be different, we do not use any kind of template to build our sites, each site is unique.  Many web designers offer you a choice from thousands of templates... at Fox Development we build from the ground up to create a web site that is a proper reflection of your identity.  Check out our portfolio here!

Shopping Carts

There are literally thousands of off the shelf shopping carts on the market today, some of them very well designed some of them poorly designed.  Fox Development has designed many shopping carts, each of them different from the other because each of our clients work a little bit differently.  Web design is reletively simple compared to programming a shopping cartShopping carts require that a database be connected to your website to store all the information about your products, orders and customers.  Many Tampa web designers do not build their shopping carts, they use "canned carts" or shopping cart engines that they have purchased from experienced programmers, from there they simply tweek the appearence of the cart pages to make it conform to the look and feel of the rest of the website. 

Fox Development has the experience necessary to program not only a simple shopping cart but a complete on-line order management system.  The earliest example of one of our shopping carts, is .  The shopping system was first developed in 2001 and was a prototype for our "1-Of" system.  In 2006 we began re-building the "1-Of" (one of) system to include more modern features and to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technology.  You can learn more about our 1-Of system on our 1-Of shopping cart page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of website design that many website designers do not consider when creating a web site.  Optimizing your website for the best possible search engine performance is a process that has to begin when the site is first designed.  The underlying structure of your web site pages can improve or hamper how well your site can do on the search engines.  Believe it or not simply putting a graphic in the wrong spot can allow a competitor to over take your site on the search engines.  Fox Development has the knowledge, tools and experience to build pages that the search engines simply eat up.  You can learn more about Search Engine Optimization on our Search Engine Optimization page.