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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are an all important aspect of any successful website.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually a technique employed in a Search Engine Marketing strategy.  Search Engine Optimization occurs in two stages, the build stage and the maintenance stage.  When a site is first built important considerations must be taken into account by the web designer to make sure the site is built in such a way as to appeal to the search engines.  Creating an optimized website design requires careful attention to search engine requirements and structural details.  The maintenance stage involves consistant monitoring of the site's performance on the search engines and the performance of the website's competitors.  Search Engine Optimization in the maintenance stage can involve making structural changes to the website and adding new pages and content to the site to give the search engines more meat to feed on. 

Content is King

The name of the game in Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and effective Search Engine Marketing is content.  Content is text on pages, graphics, flashy animations and all of that are fantastic for your visitors who are probably visually driven but search engines need text, it is the only thing that they understand.  Fox Development assists our customers by helping to develop meaningful keyword focused content as part of our Search Engine Optimization services and overall Search Engine Marketing strategies.  We have many years of experience in technical and editorial writing as well as a background on the workings of search engines and best practices crucial to the writing of content that is both useful for visitors and friendly to search engines.

Realities of Search Engine Optimization

There are a great many myths and misconceptions about search engine optimization.  We are committed to helping our customers understand the ideas behind search engine optimization and have created a page with some information to help you better understand how search engine optimization can help your business.  Check out one of our articles now about what you can really expect from search engine optimization.