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Web Development is a very broad subject that includes many areas of expertise all related to creating a website or portion of a website that can be viewed on a web browser like Microsoft's Interner Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or mobile devices.  To a programmer web development is all of the non design related aspects of the creating a website or web application.  Web development usually relates to all the things that you cannot see, that make a website do what you need it to do.  This includes things like creating programs that connect your website to a database or allow users to do something on your site like shop or submit forms.  The design portion is all the things that you actually see on the page, graphics, text styles and the general layout of the pages within the website.  It is possible to design a site that does not have any sort of program behind it, in this case all you need are web design services, when it comes to things like creating an eCommerce website or a website that actually DOES something then you need both web design and web development. 

In order to create a complete web site we follow a basic six step process.  The six steps of our process are: interview, engineer, develop, implement, promote, progress.


We interview each of our clients when we begin a web development project.  This interview is critical as it allows us to understand your business and how best to design a web site that will reflect the image of your company and integrate with your business processes. 


The engineering phase of web design is when we conceptualize all the bits and pieces that will make up your website and present to your how these parts will work together and benefit your company.


During the development stage of web design is when we get down to business and start putting your website together.  The development stage may consist of a number of different processes that all go on at the same time.  For e-commerce web sites it is during this stage that we program your shopping cart, catalog and order management system. 


The implementation stage of web development is actually a three step process.  First we test your site internally and fix any bugs that may exist.  Next, we turn the website over to the client to test, at this point anything that does not meet with the client's requirements is corrected.  Finally, the website is published our web server, or your ISP's web server for the world to see.


After your website has been published it is time to begin promoting the website.  Planning for this stage will begin way back in the engineering step.  Promotion involves the implementation of search engine marketing techniques, focused advertising and other elements depending on the budget and needs of your business.


Once the site has been out on the web for a while we continue to work with you to build your site into a superior on-line presence.  Adding new features and content to your website as your company's needs change or your competitors change their websites helps to keep your website adding value to your business.

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