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Web Portals

What in the world is a web portal and why would I want one for my business? 

A web portal is actually what you are using right now.  The Fox Development website is built using web portal technology.  You can think of a web portal as being a super website.  Most websites are static, the material on them is coded onto a page and placed on the web for the world to see.  When new content is added the page must be changed and re-uploaded to the website.  A web portal on the other hand is a dynamic website that can include all sorts of features and functionality that can be added to or removed from the site with the click of a mouse. 

A web portal solution allows you to provide your customers with a rich and valuable experience when they visit your site.  Content can easily be added to the site on a daily basis to keep customers apprised of changes in your company.  The web portal provides search features that allows customers to easily search through your website for the information that they need. 



Entire new sections can be added to a web portal with very little work.  If your company were to launch a new service or a new product, with two clicks of your mouse a new page is created, a link is automatically added to your website's menu and you're off and running! 

Search Engines Love Portals

A web portal is an excellent solution for search engine optimizationWeb portals provide a framework that allows content to be easily navigated and to provide a wealth of relevant content that can be easily added to or changed on a frequent basis.  Search engines devour content and all things being equal if two companies were in competition for a number 1 ranking, the company with more key word relevant content would win.  Web Portals make content management so easy that continually adding relevant information to your site is quick and inexpensive, you can easily do it yourself without any need to call a web designer!  With a single hour a day you could add a few paragraphs to your website about one of your products.  In a single week your website will have grown by seven pages, to a search engine this change will be viewed favorably and the result will probably be an increase in your ranking.